(From April 2014)

I had a dream last night that I had failed.  The Hub was dismantled and more importantly what I had been working towards for years was meaningless.

Paint and color and wire and solder and creation were meaningless.

I wanted to crawl back under the covers and just die.  It stuck with me all day–I couldn’t shake it.

I need to let you all in on something: It does mean a lot to me.  Regardless of what it means to anyone else, it’s always going to be an important part of my life.  I’m a nerd about it.  It moves me.  It inspires me.  It depresses me.  And it still blows my mind.  I’ve never seen a photo, a painting, a sculpture, a film and thought “Now I’ve seen it all–time for something else!”  There is still so much more we can do.  So much more inspiration and empathy and deep thought and humor and harmony that we can impart.  These are what make us human.

This is why it’s not meaningless.

And so I ask politely and even beg you–support them.  Support us.  Help us.  Join us.  Ask us to help you.  Here are three things you can do:


1) If you care about someone who puts their work up in public–take the time to notice it.  “Like” it.  Share it.  Even if it’s not mind-blowing, earth-shaking, or even very eye-catching.  Because they tried.  Hard.  And it represents something deep within them.  They made themselves vulnerable.  Let them know you get it.

2) Come to our shows and events.  If you’ve ever hosted a party you know it’s stressful.  Those people who consider themselves artists often times have a tendency to be poor organizers.  Help them out.  Show up.  For my friends in Canton, OH–Come downtown on First Fridays and pop your head into our studios and galleries.  Translations always has amazing exhibits. 2nd April is chalk full of amazing art. Lynda Tuttle’s place is always vibrant. Saxton has absolutely amazing photography. Journey is sparkling and an amazing space. 13th Floor has cool/creepy collections.  We’re trying to create our own unique space at The Hub on 6th and all the studios on 4th st are incredible.  Not to mention Buzzbin, George’s, Auricle, Frankenstein, and all the other music, food, drink venues downtown.  So much to do–come check it out.

3) Buy our things.  If you don’t like our things, commission us to do something you do like.  A $20 bill seems to keep an artist working hard for a week if they’re selling a piece of their art to a gracious patron.  Ask us to help you with a project.  Ask us for advice.  Keep us working.  Because we will create amazing things if you give us the chance.

I love the city and community I work in and I’d love to see it flourish.  Then…maybe then I’ll stop posting sappy notes and sending fb invites to my shows.

Keepin’ it Canton,